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Creating A Driven Team Has Never Been Easier

Follow these 5 simple steps and your company will experience a tremendous shift in success, happiness, and productivity Trust is a golden currency in any company. It is a vital ingredient of any business. It is the strongest pillar of a company. You might be familiar with this saying: »Trust takes years to build, seconds […]

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7 Proven Steps To Find An Exceptional Talent For Your Company

You are standing in a sweet spot. You have all that you wanted. Sales are coming in, revenue is quite great, you feel you achieved your goals, however, there is a little problem. Your company CAN NOT DELIVER everything. As you want to deliver orders and fulfill requests of your customers all other activities are […]

Toxic employee

5 Steps On How To Handle A Toxic Employee

I believe all toxic relationships are unpleasant and harmful, but in business, they are absolutely lethal. A person with a negative mindset, who is constantly complaining, blaming others for bad results, judging, bringing irrelevant details into question and manipulating your feelings can have a profound impact on everyone in your company. Nagging culture can spread […]