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Leadership that inspires – Alma Kochavy

This is Alma Kochavy, entrepreneur, mostly know as a co-creator of Odprta kuhna, a unique food market in Slovenia that has put Slovenia on the map of the top world culinary markets and destinations. Two words that would describe her best are laser focus and calmness. She was reborn in Israel. All her business experiences […]


Leadership that inspires – Anka Lipušček Miklavič

Her special connection with the nature and a true love for her home-valley made her persistent, rebellious, strong. She works with her soul, intense care and diligence hence the results. Mountains are her inspirations and her source of energy and power. Ruthless conditions that shaped Soča Valley shaped her as well. “If you love your […]


Propel Your Leadership Skills

Being a manager and a leader is not about how you lead, recognize talents in your company, and motivate your team. It is not about your management skills, techniques, hacks, and amazing tactics. This is only a small fraction of it. Being a good manager means being capable to understand. To understand why you behave […]