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Business Wellness Leader, Be more, win more


Allow me to help you revive your business.

I believe in love and compassion. I believe you can achieve just about anything with the right focus, mindset, and support.

Allow your dreams to come to life. And allow me to become your trusted mentor along the way.

I am Mira Milovanovic. I am curious, passionate, and in love with life. 

Why should you trust me?

I am a personal and business success coach, business operations specialist, a growth expert and passionate strategist.

I worked as a director, sales and development manager, logistics manager, head of operations and logistics, sales expert, administrator, promoter, hostess, project manager, assistant to the board of directors, logistics manager.

All these working experiences enabled me to have insights into different types of businesses at different levels and in different development stages -  this is why I understand business processes. 

Being at the top management positions for over 10 years enabled me to see the business through strategic eyes and thought me valuable business lessons. Lessons that have profoundly shaped me in my view of the business world. All my experiences thought me what it takes to be successful, what are the secret recipes and strategies to stand out and make a difference. 

Despite the success I had, I started feeling restless. I needed a change but for several months I did not understand what was happening. I kept asking myself where is this feeling coming from... but there was no answer. Only when I completely slowed down I heard a tiny whisper of my soul that it is time to move on. To go my own way, to share my diverse and international experiences with all the busy entrepreneurs who are struggling every day in reaching their DREAMS.  I have experienced many ups and downs, saw turbulent changes in business and what those changes mean for a company and team if the adoption of the new environment and new reality is not fast enough. I experienced the tremendous excitement of success and also a sad ending on the other side when the business closed. Why should you go through the same rollercoaster?

I am dedicated to helping ALL ENTREPRENEURS, who understand that key to business success are PEOPLE, not product (sure product is important yet the team is the one who makes that product a success) to achieve their massive success.

I will help you to grow your business by helping you to develop your LEADERSHIP skills, focusing on achieving operational excellence and building a driven team.

Anything is possible if you are willing to make it happen.

To your success,

Mira Milovanović